Friday, December 25, 2015

A Star Wars Post

When I was a kid some well meaning Christian published a book called "The Force of Star Wars." The idea was to lead the reader past the rather lame religion espoused by the Jedi in the movie (not lame? Good and Evil in balance? What an idea. Nuff said.) on to an awareness to the Person from whom all power originates. I'm not sure how effective the book was. And I'm sure I don't want to try the same.

But I had an experience at this last Star Wars movie that might be useful to someone. Without venturing into spoiler-land I'll try to describe the scene. It's essentially the final duel. In the middle the young and emerging good character is given the obligatory offer: "Come with me and I'll teach of the ways of the Force." This was really the wrong thing to say. Our hero is suddenly aware of this thing that she has only recently begun to experience and all because the villain made the ill-considered offer to remind her. Of course that was the turning point.

But what happened certainly had some commonality with something I know about. She takes a breath, relaxes, and reminds herself what the Force really is. And suddenly the Force is all around her, guiding her and backing her up. And I went, "hey!" Cause that's where I go if I'm called on to pray for healing.

Admittedly, I wish more people would get healed when I pray for them. But I've got to say I love that moment when I remember (I mean really remember) who God really is...

(Disclaimer: this is my first post ever from just cell phone. Editorial quality may have suffered)


  1. k, couple of things...

    second, i have been a recipient of healing when you were the "manipulator of the force" which i presume you were aware was all around you at the time. (or maybe you didn't at the moment, but went on memory.)

    however, if healing happened all the time when you do what you did, would you begin to presume that you had greater control over the "force" than would be helpful?

    and first, what's wrong with a religion that has a balance between good and evil? doesn't it accurately describe the world we live in? doesn't the contrast help to keep the good evident? if there was no evil, would their really be good of any value?

    i don't think there was nuff said.

    1. Good and evil in balance looks good on paper. But who is volunteering to be evil or have evil done to them just to maintain the the balance? No sane person. Therefore good is the natural state and evil is a wound.