Thursday, September 17, 2009

Embedded Software

OK, so you're going to have to wait a post or two till I give my ideas about the bible. (don't hold your breath. It's not that exciting) I was just struck this morning how it's amazing that anyone who is into computers is not also a proponent of (can it be?) intelligent design. I mean there are some easy-to-catch markers of when your computer is infected with a virus or a trojan. It starts find new purposes for itself, like reaching out to the whole world to offer the latest in erection technology. This is not by chance, and you know it. A new subprocess has kicked in on (someone else's) purpose and the computer behaves according to his design and not yours. Compare that to human instincts. They're not just evolutionary drives. They're embedded subroutines, that are chock full of instructions. Given certain brand new stimulus, you don't just feel something, you know what to do. Think of the most intellectual male possible. And then imagine handing him a cute baby. He turns into an apparent idiot, except that all that googooing and cootchy cooing is exactly what's required with a baby. We of the computer geek society have seen that all before. It's called an interrupt driven subroutine. And it's programmed, by a designer...

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